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About Us

Our mission is to empower, uplift, and to promote positive thinking.

Words are immensely powerful, especially when spoken. Words can heal and they can hurt. They can build and they can destroy. Words are so powerful that they can meaningfully alter the course of our lives when we speak them over ourselves. This is why the words we express to and about ourselves should come only from a place of positivity. When we utter positive affirmations, we use words and phrases that reflect the desired outcome in our lives. Whether you are struggling with low self-confidence, or you are deeply depressed, or perhaps, you might simply prefer a ‘coffee-less’ boost to start your day, positive affirmations can help to raise your self-esteem, drive out negative and harmful thoughts, and they can also motivate and inspire positive life changes. Health experts have reported that positive thinking can lead to a host of different health benefits, such as: improvement in physical and psychological health, better stress management, a stronger immune system, a decrease in depression, as well as longer life expectancy.

Here at AFFIRMASHIRTZ, we aim to encourage others to take seriously the importance in doing the inner work, which enables us to grow and move through life with an awareness of where we are now in our journeys and where we are going. We hope to inspire others to recognize that within them exists the power to effect positive change in their lives, by and through what they choose to announce to the universe.